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Thank you for becoming customers of our DBS Checking Service

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Spread the cost, save time, provide added level of assurance to your customers/employer.

The DBS Update service has been designed to make your DBS check portable (so you can take it from employer to employer without the need or expense of having to do another check).

The main benefits of the update service are:

  • Your DBS check will be portable

  • You will never have to apply for another DBS check

  • You will be automatically checked annually

  • Provide your customer/employers with added assurance

Update Service

Vibrant Nation is an emerging business with an ambition to develop a suite of business services. Our collaborative approach means that we can provide lower costs through economies of scale.


Our goal is to develop partnerships with businesses to offer our clients discounted rates on vital services that will make them more efficient both fiscally and physically.


If we don't yet offer the business service that your organisation needs, please contact us at with your requirements.



Business Services
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