Rugby Ball Reflection


Frequently asked questions

Why do we have a new DBS system?

The WRU have worked with CBS & Vibrant Nation to further enhance its safeguarding and DBS processes, streamlining the admin required for you with My WRU & MIAG (the DBS system).

What will be different?

  • You will have a new set of logins sent to you and a new account
  • New Applications will be automatically created by the WRU system and not manually by a CSO
  • Your current database and features will remain identical
  • The CSO will still have full tracking capabilities and see the results of all disclosures within the account
  • The process for the applicant will remain exactly the same

Will i be able to access the old data (checks)?

No, you will have a new account, old data from prior to the change over will be held by WRU and can be provided upon request. Any queries relating to DBS checks on the old system should be sent to VN/WRU.

Can I store information from the old system?

No, we do not recommend this. Information relating to DBS checks in your previous account can be obtained from the WRU or Vibrant nation

Will I lose applications that have been created and not yet submitted?

Yes, applications must be created and submitted promtly between now and the switch over. Any applications not submitted before the switch over will need to be recreated.

When will this change happen?

WRU are currently trialing the process with some clubs, we anticipate the switch over to be completed by xxxx in line with new season registration.

Will I now get an email to confirm that the applicant has submitted their form?

Yes, CSO's will now recieve an email letting them know that the applicant has competed their application form and the ID check needs to be completed.

Can we use the update service as part of the system now?

The update service is not currently part of the WRU's solution, however the updater service can still be utilised by staff and volunteers by going direct to the DBS website.